Tips In Choosing And Placing The Right Ceiling Fans For Your Room Needs

Global warming is emerging called by many people and the country at this time. The use of electrical energy that is too much can lead to higher heating world. So, you should can reduce electricity use in your home. One of the most effective ways is to replace the use of the air conditioner with the use of ceiling fans. This is because the ceiling fans only require less power than the air conditioner. Here are some tips in choosing and placing the right ceiling fans to meet the needs of your room.

The first thing you need to consider is to measure the space. Firstly, you have to know the area of the room you have, you can determine the proper size ceiling. Suppose, you have a wide room with 8 x 10 feet, then you can use ceiling fans with 30 inch size.

The next thing is to measure the height of your room. You should put the ceiling fans with a height of about 7 feet from the floor, so that the rotation of air production can deliver maximum results. To earn more profit, you can choose the design of ceiling fans that equipped with extended pipe. It purposes that you can adjust the high-low fan to suit your needs.

Determination of the location or position of installation of ceiling fans are also things that should not be forgotten. You need to consider the installation of a specific room, for example in the bedroom or in the kitchen. You need to avoid the installation of ceiling fans that placed on top of the bed. This is because it is very dangerous. If you want to install in the bedroom, you can put it in the top position of your feet. As well as if you want the installation of ceiling fans in the kitchen. You can put it on an empty location.