Transforming Ordinary Bat Into Cool Bedrooms

What will you do when you are getting tired? Of course, the answer is taking a rest. You go to sleep in your bedroom. Nobody can disturb you. Bedroom is a private room. Bedroom is not only used for taking a rest or for sleeping. Bedroom is also used for spending spare time, private entertainment center, study room, etc. Generally, bedroom is built on the ground, like the other rooms. But, have you ever heard about cool basement bedrooms? Before we discuss cool basement bedrooms, firstly I would like to notice you about basement.

Historically, basement is used for hiding place. When world war, the people used basement to avoid the enemy. They stayed in the basement to get safety. But in modern today, basement has been transformed to be a part of home. Now, I think everybody has a basement in the home. But, maybe they use the basement just for warehouse. Hmm..what a bad idea!

I think it will be wonderful if you transform the ordinary basement in your home into cool basement bedrooms. You will get different sensation of cool basement bedrooms. Making cool basement bedrooms is easy. You only add some new touch.

The first is about ceiling, flooring, and basement stairs. Ceiling of cool basement bedroom will be better if it uses bright color. As we know that basement is dark and never receive natural sunlight. You can add some simple ceiling lights to give the brightness. Also, you can add the ceiling painting to be more artistic. For flooring, cool basement bedroom uses wooden flooring because wood is good for underfoot. To make it more comfortable, you can add rug. Basement stairs is also usually made of wood.

Cool basement bedrooms should have bedroom furniture. Put fancy bed and cabinet in the cool basement bedrooms. You can add some decorations, such as photos, wallpaper, wall sticker, etc. It’s up to you. Now, you can sleep tight in the cool basement bedrooms.