Art Deco Creating Lasting Impression Of Beauty

We’ve often heard art deco, but some of us do not understand what it is. Art deco is famous style during 1920 to 1930 that firstly appeared in France. Art deco is an eclectic style that blends traditional with machine age. It often blends the craft motifs with the imagery and materials. Recently, art deco is coming with the sensation of luxury, modern and artful taste.

If you want to design your house, the furniture or your interior design with the art deco, you have to understand that characteristics of art deco are bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation with colorful that blended perfectly to splash back the machine age era.

Art deco styles often use symmetry types to support the rectilinear models to produce the sensation of glamorous, luxury, and exuberance. You can see several place that has been built by the art deco styles to show us its glory.

Recently, some of art deco styles especially for the furniture or interior design use aluminum, lacquer, stainless steel, ebony, marble and inlaid wood. The using of stainless steel or metallic materials are to create the shiny effects to the surroundings representing the glory of machine age during 1920 to 1930.

The using of unusual materials to build the furniture is often shaped in geometric shapes to strengthen the clean lines materials. If you want to build the art deco styles, you have to know more about its art deco. You can search information or pictures of art deco on the internet.

If you want to adopt the art deco styles in your house, you can go to the market, and choose some furniture such as metallic unusual chairs, tables, floor lamps and others. You can give a touch of art deco heyday into your house.

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