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The Government of the city of Augsburg, Germany, to make a new policy to accommodate the phenomena that occur at this time.

They see that pedestrians are now so busy looking at her cell phone and smartphone or heed the existence and functions of traffic lights.

Therefore, the Government of the city of Augsburg, to installing new traffic lights on the sidewalk so when pedestrians looked down while looking at your phone, they will not pass the traffic lights.

“This policy creates a new level regarding sensitivity to the traffic light,” said Publicist municipality of Augsburg, Stephanie Lermen.

Lermen said that the money used to make traffic lights embedded in the pavement was spent wisely.

The reason, a recent survey in several European cities, including Berlin found that 20 percent of the pedestrian terdistraksi by their cell phone.

Other studies showed young children most likely to sacrifice safety just only see a Facebook profile or message WhatsApp.

The problem was even more severe in the United States (us). A survey conducted the University of Washington found that 1 in 3 u.s. Residents busy playing mobile phones when in the intersection.

According to the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany, not everyone thinks the traffic lights on the sidewalk is an excellent idea.

Some of them even considered the project ditched a tax which they have paid for.

“Until now, I wasn’t even aware of the existence of the traffic light,” said one of the hikers.

But the City Government says otherwise, this project is the best for the citizens of Augsburg.

The idea of the installation of traffic lights on the sidewalk was coming after a 15-year-old girl killed hit by a tram.

According to the police report, the girl is distracted by her cell phone while crossing the street.

Augsburg is not the only city that has created the project the traffic lights on the sidewalk because the previous town of Chongqing in China have already applied it in 2014.

Three Tricks To Circumvent The Tiny Living Room So A Wider

The limited room does not mean blocking your creativity in designed it. Moreover, the living room into a “storefront” for others to assess your House.

How do people feel comfortable in the living room is a mess, narrow, and impressed the furniture arranged perfunctorily?

The redesign of the room matches the desired concept into a proper step. However, you should not think that the move would require a lot of costs.

Passing relatively affordable cost, anyone can “juggle” content living room seem more spacious and comfortable.

The following tips and trick:

The condition of the paint

The first step can be taken to pay attention to the condition of the paint. If the condition of the paint on the walls of the living room begin to look dull, you should paint.

The residents can get creative with new colors to give a different nuance. Rooms tend to be small or Petite’s recommended use bright colors or pastels to give the impression.


If you want to replace the furniture, choose a simple design and size is adjusted to the size of the space.

For example, for the seat, to choose the form of modular or seat with backrest. Chair with this design could give a higher effect on the palate.


Meanwhile, to add to the aesthetic value in the living room, there are some things that can be done, like adding wall hangings, table decoration, or provide a focal point.

For wall hangings, we recommend that you select the design is not too complicated.

As an idea, you could use the photos are small framed minimalist installed in a group on one side of the room.

If there are items memorabilia from places outside the city visited, be added to the origin of its size is also not too big.

As for the table, in addition to flowers, can make the jar with unique shapes and colors as a container of candy or snack. Don’t forget to use the tablecloth so that it looks more beautiful.

Lastly, for a focal point, you can add one piece of unique furniture relics of parents or Grandma.

For example, the living room has a minimalist concept. you can put a rocking chair or antique chairs that certainly will be the center of attention.

The inspiration of the concept of the Ece Industrial and natural Materials in accordance

Mix and match the ingredients industry and naturally is not a hard thing. Moreover, if the combination was used for the construction of a House.

Shed Architecture and Design that manages to blend two different elements of it in a house in the United States. sctv online

Shed Architecture and Design managed to build a House with a unique blend of natural and industrial materials on the exterior.

They use a corrugated metal combined with spruce wood Douglas for doors and window sills.

The firm was named his house architecture with the term “Main Street House”. Located in Seattle, the United States, the House is intended for a pair of geologists who is currently enjoying his retirement.

Main Street House replaces 100 years-old bungalows that are also on the same land and bordered grounds with views of Lake Washington.
“Main Street House” replacing 100-year-old bungalow that is also on the same land and bordered grounds with views of Lake Washington.

“They want a home that is simple, efficient, and very responsive to many different locations,” said the architect, Thomas Schaer.

Corrugated metal painted wrapping selected to give the impression the look zinc, but with the cost cheaper.

All of that combined with the local fire wood Douglas to window sills and paneling around the door.

The House was built using a technique known as ‘ advanced framing .’ This method requires less than 30 percent of the wood rather than other conventional United States homebuilding.

The House is arranged over four floors with a garage is on the lowest level. Then there is two bedrooms right on the second floor and followed by a kitchen, dining room, and living room on the floor next.
The House has arranged over four floors with a garage on the bottom floor. Then there is two bedrooms right on the second floor and followed by a kitchen, dining room, and living room on the floor next.

On the top floor, there is an Office and a small terrace. A concrete wall extends from the back up to the living room to give a seating around its perimeter is already paved garden.

The window is placed near the stairs and all along the walls to provide views of the surrounding trees.

“The goal is for the Windows and other elements of the home so that homeowners can enjoy her life without having to close his house only to find privacy,”

A concrete wall extends from the back up to the living room to give a seating around its perimeter is already paved garden.
Douglas fir wood is used for all wooden furniture in the House. Some of the wood is also used for making the staircase and seating.

In the kitchen, the wood contrasts with the gray plastic laminate cabinet doors and basalt in a Stone Workbench so that echo the contrast material on the exterior of the House.

Concrete floors are used in place of the lowest floor of the garage are located, while the timber tree Douglas became the material of the floor upstairs.

Transparent Polycarbonate Home Not Less Beautiful

Polycarbonate transparent panel appears as a frame House that was renovated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

The architect none other than Alessandro Armando and Manfredo at Robilant, which also features a giant window on wheels.

The involvement of original architect duo Italy it thanks to a University Professor couples who want to improve the look and efficiency of heat their homes in the 19th-century residential neighborhood near the city center.

“The main Task in this renovation is creating a new thing, ‘ second ‘ home for clothing increased significantly to thermal insulation,” said Manfredo at Robilant to Dezeen.

The structure and proportions of the original 19th-century buildings that remain. However, plastic sheeting covered him had changed to aluminum and coupled with the critical ground in 1970. The project was eventually named the House of Polycarbonate.

One corner of the House which faces directly into the way already equipped with a high window hidden behind the Windows of aluminum. These include window grilles which obstruct the view of the House while allowing light to come in reaching the interior.
“From the aspect of the benefit, the panel was chosen because it tends to be lighter polycarbonate and is crucial for thin structures, as well as good heat insulator is,” explains Manfredo at Robilant.

At Robilant then add polycarbonate, will give beauty regarding aesthetics.
“Polycarbonate is a semi-transparent material so that they will make the whole look of the House as well as the structure of the House itself,” he added.

Polycarbonate surface creates reflection from the perspective of the vision of the House and also change-change according to the light conditions.

The structure and proportions of the original 19th-century buildings that remain. However, plastic sheeting covered him had changed to aluminum and coupled with the critical ground in 1970. The project was eventually named the House of Polycarbonate.
Behind a thin surface layer in a panel that is useful when it appeared the damage to the structure.

In this case, the air can flow through the distance between the two surfaces to reduce dependence on air conditioners when summer arrives.

One corner of the House which faces directly into the way already equipped with a high window hidden behind the Windows of aluminum.

These include window grilles which obstruct the view of the House while allowing light to come in reaching the interior.

Entrance at the side of the House opens into a large atrium. Behind the atrium, there’s a mezzanine which gives a view through the top of the House.

Entrance at the side of the House opens into a large atrium. Behind the atrium, there’s a mezzanine which gives a view through the top of the House.

Mostly a living floor contains offices, and there is also a large Bookshelf that blends with the wall of the House.
Other parts of the House, i.e. stairs, frame window, and fringing the stairs made of mahogany, a type of wood which gives a warm contrast to plastic and aluminum exterior.

Most Eat Potatoes, carefully Risk blood pressure Rises

Not a few people are replacing rice with potatoes as a carbohydrate menu. But according to a recent study, eating too many vegetables, there is a relation to the risk of increased blood pressure.

Studi: Kebanyakan Makan Kentang, Hati-hati Risikonya Tekanan Darah Naik

As presented by the results of research conducted by the Harvard Medical School, that eating potatoes to four times a week are at risk of increasing blood pressure. http://­­03/rcti.html

Surprisingly, this risk persists even though potatoes are treated in a manner not fried, but rather boiled or steamed.

Read also: Sounds healthy, This Intake is not necessarily ‘ safe ‘ for those who are Dieting

The researchers suspect the starch in the potato is the cause of this condition. Potatoes have a high glycemic index so that quickly turn into sugar in the body. This is the condition which then trigger a rise in blood sugar levels.

Published in the British Medical Journal, researchers analyzed data from 187 thousand men and women in three major U.S. studies for 20 years. Overall, they found the man or woman who ate four or more servings of potatoes in a week had 11 percent increased a risk of high blood pressure, compared with those who ate the vegetables less than once a month.

But the study in more detail about the cause factor and the comparison with the lifestyle of a person still needs to be done. Victoria Taylor, the senior nutritionist at the British Heart Foundation, said that the study only shows that there is a relationship, not casual.

“Despite the higher consumption of potatoes is associated with high blood pressure, other factors such as lifestyle also influences the outcome, so that needs to be examined more fully back,” he said, as quoted by the Daily Mail,

FAT or whether someone is Predetermined in the Womb

Most experts agree that talent is not fat. But research revealing the FAT or not specified since it is still in the womb.

Studi: Gemuk atau Tidaknya Seseorang Ditentukan Sejak dalam Kandungan

Recent studies reveal the pregnant women who are overweight or have diabetes tend to give birth to children potentially fat, even though their average birth weight.

This is evidenced by observing more than 13,000 babies that her weight is healthy for ten years.

Not him at age two years, 49 percent of those already overweight. Even at the end of the study, 29 percent are obese.

After traced back, it turns out that 29 percent of these children had a mother who diabetes when they contain. The chance of obesity also will rise 16 percent if the weight of the mother also increased to 20 kg while traveling on two.

“So it’s not true if all babies born to normal had the same risk of obesity,” Dr. Teresa Hillier demolished researchers from the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, Portland, Oregon and Honolulu, Hawaii.

He explained, the increase in the weighting of the mother while pregnant triggers a process called imprinting Hillier as ‘ obesity ‘ where the baby or fetus was forced to adapt to an environment that is overfed or excess eating that ultimately change their natural metabolism.

Hillier himself claims to be concerned because the increase in weight up to 20 kg of this commonplace occurs at 20 per cent built. Also, many women are not aware if her pain of sugar. When doctors recommended the increase in weight of not more than 10 kg.

However, women who are overweight and diet can still have the opportunity to prevent this from happening. Said Dr. Joachim Dudenhausen, researchers from Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, and Charite University Medicine Berlin, how can with breastfeeding.

“That certainly made sure her baby’s healthy eating, especially when they were introduced in the solids, and familiarize their active physical exercises,” advice.

Ten ways to Overcome Insomnia

Ten Ways to Overcome Insomnia is simple and worth a try
The proverb says that overcome a problem must start from the root. Overcoming insomnia must begin from knowing the cause of the occurrence of insomnia. Many things can cause the sekai insomnia. The thing that often underlie insomnia is psychological factors, aka the stress, many thoughts, anxiety, depression and so on. Insomnia can also be caused due to the medical illness suffered by such person. And also a lot of insomnia caused by wrong routines.

Know and finding the root problem of Your sleeplessness problem is the key to overcoming insomnia. When the issue came up regarding psychological, You should be changing the way. You think and try to consult your problems start to a life partner, close friends up to the psychologist. When the underlying medical condition, you can consult this matter with your doctor. And if your daily routine that causes insomnia, you can fix it. So here’s how to overcome insomnia you can do:

Avoid Caffeine
This is how to overcome insomnia. Foods that contain caffeine are coffee, tea, chocolate and fizzy drinks. Caffeine is a compound that could block the sleepy sensation in the brain. Furthermore, it turns out that caffeine can create heart-pounding, which resembles the symptoms people are anxious. It is no wonder that the caffeine would worsen the quality of sleep. Limit the consumption of caffeine, alcohol and smoking at least 8 hours before Your bedtime.

Avoid the TV or the Internet before going to bed
Even though You mean plain that watch TV and berseluncur on the internet help you enjoy your day, sometimes two it can stimulate the brain becomes more active so that the edges will be hard to sleep. Try to reflect whether you have the habit of watching TV while sleeping or checking Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram before sleep and sleeplessness afterward? If Yes, try to change this habit.

Maybe how to overcome insomnia this one cliche. However, much research stating that insomniacs will have a better quality of sleep routine when doing physical activity in her everyday. Try doing a scheduled physical activity every day and whenever possible do not work out at night because some people are even harder to sleep if he physical activity several hours before bed.

Eating Patterns
How to overcome insomnia is another changing eating patterns. First, avoid heavy meal at least 3-4 hours before going to bed, because it can lower the relaxation of your mind. Second, try to consume chicken, fish, tofu, bananas and other foods containing tryptophan at dinner. In the body, tryptophan is converted into serotonin which can create compound relaxes and sleepy. Third, try drinking milk that is not too sweet, because carbohydrates before bed can help tryptophan entry into the brain.

Relaxation Techniques
Relaxation is a way of overcoming insomnia is good for insomniacs based on psychological factors. You can find relaxation techniques through your gadget or can try this simple way: sit with both legs crossed. Then, close your eyes, pull a breath in by involving the abdominal muscles, lower back, chest, and ribs. Take a deeper breath every time the withdrawal of breath. Breath through your nose and pull the exhaust air through the rest of the mouth. You also can sit while you close your eyes and let yourself feel the perceived today, let all thoughts and emotions flashed in your mind and did not try to deal with it, feel it. biodata sandra dewi

Out Of The Room
If you still can’t sleep even though the room was already dark, cool and position, You have lain hug pillowcase under a blanket, come out of your room. Do not enforce yourself to sleep with the thought “I need to sleep. Otherwise, tomorrow I will feel tired”. On the contrary, do other leisure activities such as reading books, a hot bath, listening to soothing music or writing a journal today. When drowsiness and fatigue are starting to feels, head back to the room to sleep. How to overcome insomnia is very suitable for those who are often anxious thinking about the problem of to insomnia.

Make It A Routine To Sleep
Many people who do not like the routine of his life, but turned out to have the remain sleep schedule can help cure insomnia. Try to always start sleep and wake up at the same time each day. Wake up on time that you specify no matter how you feel are lacking sleep. Do not constrain this routine even in holiday or weekend. By doing this, your body will adapt to that will simplify the process of sleep.

Avoid Naps
When not very drowsy, do not sleep during the day. Naps that are too long will interfere with Your sleep cycle so that it will disrupt Your nighttime sleeping hours. When a very forced, try taking an NAP with a duration of 40 minutes to 1 hour away.

Sun Light
Research that people are exposed to natural sunlight each day will have a better sleep cycle. How to overcome insomnia is especially good for older people who are more often living in the House. He went out of the House in the morning and took in the Sun’s light in your home page.

Make Sure The Bed Just As The Bed
By always using the bed as the bed turns out will help your brain to associate that lying on a bed sleeping is the time. Avoid work, work on assignments, watching or playing gadget on the bed.

Danger Due To The Lack Of Drinking Water Skip White

Bahaya Akibat Kurang Minum Air Putih Jangan Disepelekan

Some Disorders Of The Body Due To The Lack Of Drinking Water
Our body requires at least white water intake of about 1.5 to 2 liters per day or the equivalent of 8 glasses (size 200 ml glasses). Therefore to make your body healthy and always a function of the body’s organs can be running optimally, so enough always needs water every day. And if your body is the deficient intake of white water then can lead to disturbances in the body’s good lasting mild to severe. The following are some consequences less drinking plain water you have to beware of:

Body fatigue
Due to the lack of drinking water can cause a person easily tired. So if your body has no white water body feels weak, tired, lethargic, less passionate, and easily tired despite not doing a heavy activity. This happens because the water function carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body’s tissues. If the body is deficient water body then automatically would be felt easily tired

Also if the water shortage the body’s metabolic processes then also disturbed. This is certainly the cells or tissues of the body can not work optimally. Lack of fluids can also inhibit the formation of red blood cells until someone easily suffer from anemia. If suffering from anemia, then that person will feel tired easily, the face looks pale, heart palpitations, Dizzy head, often even can cause fainting.

Dehydration occurs
A condition that is very dangerous due to the lack of drinking water that is the onset of dehydration. For if this goes badly then dehydration can lead to shock and even ends with death. Dehydration is normally triggered due to the discharge of fluids from the body in large quantities without balanced with enough white water intake. Discharge of fluid overload can be caused due to sweat out due to heavy physical activities do, vomiting, diarrhea, or due to bleeding occurs.

Therefore, if you are removing fluid from the body, then immediately replace the liquid with drinking lots of water. If it is not able to consume white water due to loss of appetite/drink or caused by decreased consciousness then immediately take it to the nearest health facilities to be immediately carried out action by medical officer of rehydration.

Disorders of the digestive system
Due to the lack of drinking water can also lead to disorders of the digestive system. In the process of digestion of food in our bodies, badly in need of the help of water, both in the process of digesting or absorption of nutrients from the food we eat every day. If less drinking plain water then you’ll easily once experiencing constipation/constipation, and trigger a variety of digestive diseases, like ulcers, ambient peptide, even in a long period can facilitate the occurrence of bowel cancer.

Also, the lack of intake of water can also lead to the gastric and intestinal lining that protects the decline on the outside as well as its elasticity be reduced. This can lead to digestive system susceptible to gastric acid and also need in the intestine.

Impaired renal function
The kidney is an important organ in the human body that acts as filtration of liquids, where useful substances will be absorbed by the body through the blood circulation and the substance that is useless and is discarded toxins out of the body through the urine. The process of filtration in the kidneys are in dire need of water to work properly. If you’re having a shortage of the liquid, then kidney will work harder, and impurities or toxic substances cannot be excluded completely out of the body.

It is very dangerous to our bodies. If the kidneys are forced to work extra hard on an ongoing basis, then the kidneys will quickly damage/worn out. The buildup of substances harmful toxins in our body will cause a variety of health problems that can threaten the life of a person.

If the process of filtration in the kidneys are compromised then someone susceptible Kidney stone disease, a bacterial infection in the kidneys, even a long period can magnify the risk of someone experienced kidney failure acute or chronic either. Other than in the kidneys, if the shortage of white water intake can also trigger the infection in a urine tract. This condition usually characterized by pain when urinating, cloudy urine and even mixed blood, lumbago, and had a fever.

Disorders of the nervous function
Due to the lack of drinking water, the next IE may lead to malfunctioning of nerves. This can occur because if someone is a shortage of the liquid, then the distribution of oxygen to the brain become obstructed. The human brain is the center of coordination which is a nerve center which controls sensory or motor functions of the human body.

Nerve function disorder which occurs due to a shortage of water among other things marked with decreasing concentration, easily distracted, often forgotten, sleepy, easy trigger hallucinations, and may result in unconsciousness.

Susceptible to arthritis
If you are drinking less water can also lead to impaired/inflammation of the joints. This is because water is a constituent of cartilage and as a lubricant in the joints. Therefore, if a lack of fluid intake then it can trigger disturbances in the joints, such as rheumatism and osteoarthritis.

Disorders of the skin
Due to the lack of drinking water can also lead to disorders of the skin, where the skin to lose its elasticity and freshness. So the skin will appear dull, rough, and easily damaged. This occurs because the function of enzymes that maintain the health of the skin can not work properly. If you want the skin always fresh, smooth, and beautiful, then drink enough water every day.

Unique! In Norway there is a Perforated like a Shot

Among the various mountains of the world, Torghatten Mountain in Norway may be somewhat unique. The reason, the mountain was such former long shot.

Unik! Di Norwegia Ada Gunung yang Bolong Seperti Ditembak

The mountain does not just exist in the Holey cartoon movies, but in the real world also lives. Reported by the detikTravel of the site Visit Helgeland, Tuesday (22/3/2016) the proof can be seen in Torghatten Mountain traveler in Norway. contoh baju muslim

Looks like a victim in the middle of Holey shooting, in fact, the hole in Torghatten Mountain that was created in a natural, not artificial. Right in the middle part of the mountain there is a hallway that looks like an elongated hole.

But according to locals, the hole in the mountain supposedly mythical creature Hat created from evil bad likeness called trolls. Once upon a troll that is falling in love the midst of chasing a woman who escaped from the move.

A traveler could be hiking into its hole (Visit Helgeland)

But rather than let the women run, the troll instead of trying to shoot the woman with an arrow. But the arrow shot stopped by the troll King of Trolls who thwarts with a hat.

The arrow went about and hollowed out the hat of the King of the trolls. Where the caps were perforated, incarnate so Mountain Torghatten. That’s a lot of myths about Torghatten circulated.

Regardless of the myth, a traveler could be hiking down the hole in the mountain to see the magnificent view of the surrounding mountains. Unique and possible only in the world.

Beautiful views around the Mountain Torghatten (Visit Helgeland)

The pyramid in the middle of the desert and Mexico made for Aliens

A homemade pyramid in the middle of the desert in Central Mexico caught the attention of a traveler. It is said that the pyramid was made at the behest of the aliens.

Piramida di Tengah Gurun Meksiko yang Dibuat Untuk Alien

The story has become crowded and preached by La Vanguardia, local media the media to Express United Kingdom News Australia. DetikTravel collected from various sources on Tuesday (22/3/2016) Media Express preach if the pyramid is made by a local farmer.

In layout, the pyramid it is about 74 KM from the border of Mexico and us. Also, its location is also a 965 meters from the location of the fall of foreign ships suspected of belonging to the Alien in Rowsell, New Mexico, USA.

Once upon a local farmer named Raymundo Corona (66) claims to be visited by aliens in his dream in 1984 when he was 33 years old. But not only in the dream, but Raymundo was also claimed to be seen directly by the Aliens a few days later at his home.

According to the confession of Raymundo, aliens that have high body stature, the white-haired, eyes the color of honey and came from a planet named Nefilin that is 20 times larger than the Earth. The creature called himself by the name of Herulayka.
His arrival directly to the home of Raymundo ever brings one message, namely instructions to build a pyramid dedicated to aliens. Believe do not believe.

“He asked me to build a temple that is shaped like a pyramid,”

Over the discourse, Raymundo pun makes a stylish Aztec Pyramid-shaped Temple in the desert and Monclova, Mexico, which has a height of about 6.7 meters. Surely it is a strange thing, given the educational background that only finished ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Raymundo only.

Strange, the alien also gives the discourse of others on Raymundo. The deeds he does will have an impact on the banter that leads to the behavior of the freaks.

“A lot of people will be and says that it is a form of madness like freaks or drug addicts,” the alien as Raymundo media La Vanguardia.

Regardless of the validity of the story Raymundo, pyramid supposedly dedicated to alien life does exist and can be found in Mexico, even attracted the attention of a traveler who knows the question of the existence of this place. It is indeed a mystery of life alien creature existence.