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The most beautiful memories is sometimes not possible to approach the back story of the white period, gray became a part of the most beautiful memories in life where we study together with beloved teachers, looking for goals, love and friends. Then summarized in a book of memories that will be reopened several years later.

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We have been to encapsulate their story through travel best photos and jasa prewedding Cirebon. Hopefully this is the beginning of their best trips in the future.

Dokumentasikan the best moments of your sons and daughters would become the most beautiful memories. The child is a gift from the Divine, beloved heart fruit continues to grow into a big one. Sunday Morning in seasoned Service Project photos ofbabies and children in cirebon. Photography is the best son you will be our daughter & dokumentasikan with good and expressive. Photography of cirebon rapidly growth makes us continue to work for the best. photo services, photo services child cirebon cirebon cirebon wedding photo, service, service photos photography services in bandung, indonesia

When Love Comes on the eastern horizon, Cirebon city stopover we where all commenced. Hopefully by the end of which we could not breathe again. Our services to the mother being isyarat which is full of meaning and enshrined in the best photos.

Video Gaming Addict Quiz With Self-Assist Choices

Clash of Clans Loot online hack Amaterasu, the brave adventurer from the widely popular and regular setting Okami game, has just entered an area with a tree, a dark searching tree without additional use than becoming just a tree. or is it.? Looking closer you realize there is a ribbon tied around it and your gamer instincts tells you that ribbon has a meaning – but what on earth could it be?

As a last point, Barbie Makeover are a lot cherished since they’re open up to the community. In some instances, you will have to create a profile so that you will be able to access your game hacks once more and carry on exactly where you left away. There are plenty of things to do from style her hair to piece of artwork her toe nails and all of these can be done with out boundaries.

Pogo sport cheat is the instrument that will make you a much better participant. It will electronically display you the kinds of moves you need to make in a selection of different games in purchase to become a winner. On-line video games are becoming much more and more popular everyday.

Auctions can also be very fascinating concerning the use of Monopoly Tycoon cheats, because you can get an auction at the most affordable price. How do you do it? Simple, after you start an auction, conserve the sport and quit . When you reload this saved sport, the virtual gamers will give you their properties at the lowest cost possible. If, somehow, someone bids towards you, reload the sport as numerous occasions as essential, till they give it up .

I am continuing to use the Farmville cheats, even though I have to say that by just utilizing the manual, I was able to truly pull forward of the competitors in no time flat. My goal is to carry on to use the Farmville castle clash cheats so that I can really get the sport of Farmville and gather all the prizes.

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Cheats are available for all various sorts of video games, not only the solitary participant games on Xbox 360. When you start using cheats in on-line play against other (real) gamers, a whole new can of worms is opened up. and while most Xbox 360 players would admit to utilizing cheats in solitary player games and describe them as a ‘victimless crime’, the exact same can’t be stated about using cheats to defeat genuine individuals!

Tips and Strategy Win Clash royale Players

Let the Opponent Force Attack If Not Causing Serious Damage

Arena tower and king tower is an important asset when playing clash royale. If the tower is destroyed, my friend will lose. For that, my friend had to confront the opposing forces that want to destroy the tower pal. But if the opponent attacks using troops harmless better leave it alone.

For example, if your opponent using archer to attack. Leave it alone because the archer will not cause serious damage to the tower pal. Do not let my friend use a fireball, arrows or other cards to overcome the archer earlier. Loss. Playing Games

Better buddy to attack from the other side to destroy the tower opponent’s arena.

This is a win clash royale tips that must be used by all gamers clash royale get more resource clash royale hack apk.

Use Gems and Gold With Wisdom


Take advantage of gold

Gold and gems are very hard to get in the game in this clash royale. Buddy will obtain them when opening the chest. And that’s not much, only a few houses.

So use it wisely gems and gold.

Do not upgrade cards are not buddies need, it will only be a waste of gold. Better cards that are not in need had been donated to more needy friend.

Gems should also be utilized as best as possible. Gems can be used if the gold friend have been exhausted or can also be used to buy a giant chest, chest or super magical magical chest.

If gems exhausted, my friend can buy it in the shop clash royale or friend could use How to get free gems clash royale. Free upgrade buddy card depends on two such important items, so use it wisely.

Learning From Mistakes To Always Win

Usually a novice players ignore the errors that have been done when the battle. They do not want to see the replay again when losing battle earlier.

If my friend is already creating a deck with a strong card, but still lost when the battle …

… That is not one arrangement decknya but it was a mistake pal itself.

Buddy must learn from mistakes in doing. Maybe my friend in a hurry while playing, or my friend one issue cards right. For that, see the replay are complementary tips to always win the battle in the clash royale.

Do not just look at the replay pal yourself, see also replay of others. Buddy will have many lessons there. Those are some tips that can mate use to always win the current battle royale in the clash. play gaming fun for similar 8 ball pool coins

How Using GTA Cheats without consequences Banned

Who does not know the game Rockstar North’s production? His name has been ingrained among gamers archipelago, even since the development of the series Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has opened opportunities to invade Rockstar open-world games based in the homeland.

Briefly, Grand Theft Auto, or more commonly abbreviated GTA so far been released until version 5th.


We will focus GTA to GTA IV is first released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 certainly has the quality of graphics that look realistic.

In the same year, Rockstar is also back release for Windows PC platform. A good news for PC gamers around the world. Game with detailed background of New York received a positive response from his fans.

Cheat GTA IV PC You Should Know

As in the previous series, Rockstar retains a base of open-world action with a touch of chic. The level of difficulty varies greatly mission, the mission could be more frustrating than the middle of the last mission.

How to cope with the frustration that often arise that?

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Uniquely, the GTA IV cheat the system will no longer be typed through specific codes on the keyboard. This game offers a cheat who looks more ‘legal’ by positioning it in the phone menu. Feature that first appeared in the GTA series.

Here is a cheat GTA IV PC including a sequel to The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and The Damned.

Cheat GTA IV PC You Should Know
Press the navigation buttons above 2 times and then write the code cheatnya

To use a cheat, matey required to have the phone first. This phone is available after serving a specific mission, I do not remember what the mission but the mission was in the beginning of the game.

There are 6 cheat if used then it will block a certain achievement. Cheat is highly recommended for my friend who had finished GTA IV because it will not interfere with the mission.

Armor and Health
Achievement blocked: Cleaned The Mean Streets, Finish Him, One Man Army, and Walk Free

Armor, Health and Ammunition
Weapons Tier 1

Eliminating Wanted Level
Achievement blocked: One Man Army and Walk Free

Spawn Annihilator Police Helicopter
Achievement blocked: One Man Army and Walk Free

Cheat Without Consequence

This cheat allows the buddy to use the cheat without having to remove certain achievement. No side effects in the use of this cheat.

Adding One Wanted Level

Spawn Cognoscenti
Spawn Comet
Spawn FBI Buffalo
Spawn Jetmax
Spawn NRG-900
Spawn Sanchez
Spawn SuperGT
Spawn Turismo
Changing Weather
Spawn Buzzard helicopter

Memorization Tips Cheat

All cheat above has a unique …

Which is located at number 5550 located in the middle of code.

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You can simply memorize 938 and 100 only.

5550 Figures inserted between 938 and 100.

Each cheat is used automatically stored in the Cheat menu on the phone. Buddy can access it while walking, running, settles, and driving a vehicle. Unfortunately, the phone can not be used while it is falling and swimming.

10 Iconic Australian Foods You Should Try

001_594x261Have you ever experienced the joy of scoffing a sausage sanger out the front of your local hardware store on the weekend?

Perhaps you’ve started your day with Vegemite-smeared Weet-Bix then downed a Chiko Roll for lunch followed by a pav for dessert?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then read on. While Australia has no shortage of incredible, world-class food, it’s also home to some truly unique and sometimes questionable “tucker” (that’s Aussie for food, by the way).

Here are 10 iconic Australian foods you should try if you’re ever Down Under.

1. Vegemite

When former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard offered a taste of Australia’s favorite spread to Barack Obama in 2011, his reaction was fairly standard for a foreigner: “Horrible”. It might be pretty gross, but this is as Australian as food gets. Vegemite is a thick, dark paste made from yeast extract, various vegetables and spice additives. Although it looks like Britain’s Marmite, Vegemite is much saltier than its UK cousin. The most popular way to eat Vegemite is on bread or toast with butter, and the trick is to spread it thinly – this salty, bitter spread is not like Nutella. The spread lives in just about every Australian’s cupboard, adorning toast and disgusting foreigners for years.

2. Weet-Bix

“Aussie kids are Weet-Bix kids”, or so says the brand’s famous advertising jingle which has been pervading Aussie homes for decades. This high-fiber breakfast biscuit has been an Australian food favorite since 1930. Made from whole-grain wheat, it is sweeter and smaller than Weetabix found in the UK or the US. Weet-Bix is eaten with hot or cold milk, a spoonful or two of sugar and fruit like bananas and strawberries. You can also spread butter and Vegemite on Weet-Bix.

3. Sausage Sanger

Australians and barbecues go together like Americans and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And at the core of any good Aussie “barbie” are “snags” (sausages). On the weekends, it’s common to find a “sausage sizzle” happening outside your local hardware store. These sausage sizzles are usually part of fundraising efforts for schools and other community organizations. You can buy a “sausage sanger” – a sausage slapped on usually one piece of bread with some fried onions on top and smothered in your favorite sauce – for a few dollars.

4. Chiko Roll

Inspired by Chinese spring rolls, this Australian food icon is a deep-fried snack containing cabbage, celery, carrot, beans, onion and spices stuffed into a tube of batter. Despite its name, the Chiko Roll contains no chicken. The snack is usually eaten on the go and can be found in your local fish and chip takeaway among other deep-fried delights. Part of the Chiko Roll’s popularity comes down to marketing. Chiko has used sexy women to market the brand since 1965, most memorably with scantily clad biker babes gripping the roll suggestively.

I feel completely Australian now that I’ve eaten a . Thank you @MerrickWatts for bringing it to my attention!

5. Chicken Parmigiana

The Italians may have invented the parmigiana, but it was the Aussies who transformed the dish into a true pub classic known as the “chicken parmi”. The meal has evolved from an Italian eggplant dish into a chicken schnitzel topped with tomato sauce and melted cheese, served with fries and a side salad. You can get your parmi in plenty of versions including camembert, pesto, ham, prosciutto, pineapple and tandoori. In Melbourne in particular, plenty of pubs offer a “parma night” which usually includes a beer or house wine.

NOW: We’re tackling a massive issue on Drive today – should you stack chips under a parmi? @Zaunny joins us next

6. Pavlova

Aussies and New Zealanders have been arguing over who invented the pavlova for years, but regardless of its origin, this meringue-based cake topped with whipped cream and fruit is delicious. Also known as a “pav”, pavlovas can be found in bakeries and cake shops. You can also buy the meringue shells from supermarkets and fill the cake in yourself with cream and fresh fruit like strawberries, kiwi and mango. Both Australia and New Zealand claim to have invented the pav in honor of Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova after she visited the region in the 1920s.

7. Meat Pies

What do you call a seven-course meal in Australia? A pie and a six-pack of beer. Or so the joke goes. Aussies have a strong love affair with the meat pie, which is basically a hand-sized pastry filled with minced meat and gravy, usually smothered in tomato sauce (ketchup). But they’ve also gone gourmet, and you can find them with fancy fillings including mushrooms, seafood, chicken, crocodile, curry chicken and much more. Meat pies are a popular snack and can be found in bakeries, supermarkets, service stations and corner shops as well as sporting events.

8. Kangaroo

Yes, it’s true, Australians eat their national emblem. Although kangaroos are a protected species, they are overpopulated in some areas and regarded as pests. Kangaroo has become a common meat which can be found on supermarket shelves and menus, with the meat harvested from wild populations. Harvesting is regulated in each state by the relevant authority, and management plans have to get the green light from the federal government. Kangaroo is a healthy, lean, red meat which can be eaten as steaks, burgers, sausages and more. Despite kangaroo meat’s growing popularity, surveys have found just over half of Australians have tried it, and many object to eating it.

9. Tim Tams

This much-adored biscuit (or “bikkie” for Australians) is made up of two chocolate biscuits packed with chocolate cream and then covered in even more chocolate. The Tim Tam appeared on Australian shelves in the 1960s and has been popular ever since. They now come in a range of fancy flavors like salted caramel, coconut cream and choc raspberry. The best way to eat these little bites of magic is to chew off the opposite corners, dunk it in your coffee or tea and suck your drink through the Tim Tam. This is known as the “Tim Tam Slam”. Don’t forget to eat your biscuit before it gets too soggy and ends up a disintegrated mess in your drink.

10. Shrimp

In one of Australia’s most memorable tourism campaigns in the 80s and 90s, Aussie actor Paul Hogan told Americans he’d “slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for you”. Being a massive island, Australia is blessed with beautiful seafood including sweet, succulent shrimp, which Australians actually call prawns. Whether you like your prawns au natural with a simple squeeze of lemon, marinated and barbecued on a skewer, or as part of a prawn cocktail in a glass (a dish made with mayonnaise and tomato dressing that was a huge hit in the 70s), prawns are another wonder of Australian food.

Tea is the new mixed drink incline. We’ll toast that!

Who said tea is exhausting?

004_594x261The generalization of the renowned mix being the drink of decision for cardigan-clad grannies is on the melt away, because of the innovative way teas are currently being utilized to make surprising new mixed drinks. Kumpulan Lagu Rohani Kristen

Tea-injected mixed drinks with charming sounding names like “The Brute Force”, “Miss Salinger” and “Goods Collins” have been relentlessly advancing onto drink menus around the globe. Cunning mixologists are imbuing mixed drinks including Earl Gray to chamomile and Darjeeling, with teas additionally now being offered like wine or mixed drinks in a few foundations.

While the idea of blending tea and liquor isn’t new, you’ll discover confirmation of tea’s developing notoriety in hip bars from New York to Sydney and past.

America’s first class mixed drink bar, Dead Rabbit, in New York, is one of the bars bouncing on the tea mixed drink incline. It offers mixtures including the Brute Force, a $16 mixed drink made of green tea with tequila Blanco, Jamaican overproof rum, lime, pear, almond and Absinthe.

At The Tippler, additionally in New York, you can arrange a “Goods Collins” including green tea imbued vodka, passionfruit, lemon, cayenne and pop. In the event that a shot is more you’re thing, attempt “The Northern Comfort”, made of peach and hibiscus tea-implanted whiskey, nectar and lime.

At Sydney’sEau-De-Vie, you can experiment with a 20 AUD (15 USD) “Miss Salinger”. As indicated by the menu, this creation is “enlivened by … high-tea services of old” blended with the foundation’s “style”. The drink clearly began as a Bellini before being blended with gin which has been tea-injected, shimmering wine, peach wine and almond syrup.

In case you’re going by Chicago, look at Unite Urban Grill for the “Penicillin”, which imbues Lavender green tea syrup with mixed scotch and lemon.

Implant from Getty Images

What’s behind the pattern?

As more individuals turn out to be progressively wellbeing cognizant and change to a spotless way of life, these tea-based mixed drinks are viewed as a more beneficial other option to the standard abdomen extending tipples, for example, sugar-loaded Mojitos or velvety Chocolate Mudslides.

The tea mixed drink incline has likewise been driven by a developing mindfulness about tea’s medical advantages.

As indicated by this report by, medical advantages incorporate the nearness of cancer prevention agents, which keep us youthful and shield us from harm brought on by contamination. Tea may likewise diminish the danger of heart assault and stroke, help with weight reduction, secure bones and support the insusceptible framework.

We are more wellbeing cognizant than any other time in recent memory – simply take a gander at the ascent of natural nourishment, for instance. As indicated by Julie Brument, co-proprietor at The Nine, in Sydney’s Bondi, this wellbeing “impact” has reached out to the bar scene.

“Individuals are increasingly cautious about what they devour. They need Fair Trade, natural spirits, less sugar, and intriguing foods grown from the ground blends,” Brument said in this report.

The Nine, a little deliver driven bistro, restaurant and wine bar, additionally offers tea mixed drinks including the “Quinoa Fizz”, made with natural quinoa vodka, kombucha, apple, basil, lemon and pepper.

See picture on Twitter

See picture on Twitter

Take after

Keyleigh Tea @KeyleighTea

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The perfect base

Tea is the perfect base for bestowing special flavors, surfaces and mixes. As the flavor can run from unpretentious to solid, and tea contains no sugar, the mix is ideal for mixed drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Teas which are perfect for mixed drinks incorporate unmistakable enhanced mixes, for example, Darjeeling, Oolong, South African rooibos and Japanese green tea. Botanical teas, for example, hibiscus and chamomile are additionally appropriate. These teas are best combined with alcohols, for example, white rum, vodka and enhanced mixers.

Keen advertisers are additionally bouncing on the tea mixed drink fleeting trend, with instant tea blenders now available to be purchased. They incorporate Owl’s Brew, which fabricates five tea flavors which can be blended with vodka, tequila, rum, bourbon, gin or champagne.

On the off chance that you’d get a kick out of the chance to make your own tea mixed drinks, experiment with one (or all) of the formulas beneath. Salud!


Green Tea with Champagne (6 glasses)


8 teaspoons of green tea

4 tsp sugar

2 glasses water

Pear and apple cuts

1 jug of cava

Mint clears out

Technique: Infuse tea in some water at 70 degrees for 3 minutes. Strain. Consolidate the rest of some water and disintegrate the sugar. Serve in tall glasses with ice, natural product cuts and mint. Load with super cold cava. Appreciate!

Frosted Rooibos Cocktail (1 glass)


4 oz. think made of Rooibos tea

4 oz. syrup

4 oz. Nectar Bourbon

8-10 mint leaves and some lemon cuts for embellishment

To make the think: Pour some bubbling water more than 6 tea packs or (6 tbsp of free leaf rooibos). Give it a chance to soak for up to 4 minutes and strain if utilizing free leaf tea. Measure 4 oz and refrigerate the extra think.

Strategy: Combine and blend all fixings well. Pour over ice and trimming with lemon cuts.

The Owl and the Mule (1 glass)


3 oz. Owl’s Brew The Classic

1.5 oz. vodka

Ginger Beer

Technique: Shake The Classic and vodka with ice. Fill a Collins glass and top with ginger brew. Decorate with candy-coated ginger or a lime peel.

Cimpago Island Tea (1 glass)


40ml Bacardi

820ml Aperol

30ml Hibiscus Tea

30ml squeezed orange


Technique: Combine and mix all fixings and pour over ice. Embellish with orange skin.

Whisky Tango Cocktail (non-alcoholic, 2 glasses)


2 Twinings Pure Peppermint tea sacks

240ml newly bubbled water

40ml Monin vanilla syrup

60ml squeezed apple


Mint leaves to embellish

Strategy: Brew tea packs for 2 minutes. Fill 2 highball glasses with ice and include vanilla syrup (2 pumps or 20ml) into every one. Pour more than 30ml of squeezed apple into every glass. Pour the hot tea over the ice. Mix well, complete with a straw and embellishment with some new mint takes off.

Google News launches fact check label

Google on desktop and mobile will now feature, fact check, which will add a label next to news stories in search results

Google has launched a new feature, fact check, which will add a label next to news stories in search results.

Fact check will appear with other news organisations in Google News and will, Google says, “shine a light on its efforts to divide fact from fiction”.

Richard Gingras, Google’s head of news, added it will “help readers find fact checking in large news stories”.

He said sites which already have a fact checking service can apply to be included to appear in search results.

“You’ll see the tagged articles in the expanded story box on and in the Google News & Weather iOS and Android apps, starting with the US and the UK,” he added in a blogpost.

Image captionFact Check can be seen listed with other news sources in Google News on desktop

Google will determine whether a fact check is needed for a news story using theclaim review technique. It already labels stories with tabs such as opinion, related and local source.

Fact checking is something that has become increasingly popular in the past few years.

According to the the Duke University Reporter’s Lab, there are more than 100 fact checking sites online including the BBC’s own Reality Check.
Image captionHow Fact Check will appear in mobile searches

However, not all fact check sites run by algorithm have been as fortunate when it comes to fulfilling their intended purpose.

Facebook overhauled the Trending feature on its site in August to make posts more automated after claims of left-wing bias.

Google’s fact check comes in time for the final run-up to next month’s US presidential election. The New York Times also has a fact check site which is keeping tabs on the campaign for the Oval Office.

SQA admits ‘coding errors’ in computer science exam

computer classroom

Scotland’s exam body has admitted to a series of mistakes in one of this year’s computer science tests.

There were “a number” of coding errors in the National 5 question paper, according to a report by the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA).

It also found several typographical mistakes in the paper, which students sat in May.

The SQA said adjustments were made to the grade boundaries to make sure no candidates were affected by the errors.

Shortly after the exam was published, one teacher told BBC Scotland that the paper was a “disgrace”.

But the SQA defended it, claiming it met course and assessment specifications and that the anecdotal feedback it had received was positive.

‘Continuous development’

However a new report on the course said: “SQA acknowledges that there were a number of typographical and coding errors within the 2016 question paper.

“These were fully discussed at the grade boundary meeting and where these were found to impact on candidate performance, grade boundary adjustments were made.

“This ensures that no candidates were advantaged/disadvantaged by such errors.”

Dr Gill Stewart, the SQA’s director of qualifications development said: “As we do every year, we consider what went well in the most recent diet, and where improvements could be made for the future by SQA and the education system.

“Our course reports, which are provided for all subjects at all levels, also highlight ways in which recent exams and coursework may have differed from those of previous years.

“This is to ensure standards are maintained. We are committed to the continuous development and improvement of our qualifications and assessments for the benefit of all candidates.”

Triathlete Alistair hauls Jonny over finish line

Tonny and Alistair Brownlee give a whole new meaning to the phrase “brothers in arms.”

On Sunday, the British athletes finished second and third at the World Triathlon Championships in Mexico after a touching moment at the finish line.
At the point of collapse, double Olympic champion Alistair arrived on the scene to give his brother a helping hand, putting an arm around his shoulders and hauling him over the line.
“I wish the flipping idiot had just paced it right and won the race,” Alistair joked with reporters after the race. “He could have jogged that last two kilometers and won the race.
pokemon go hacksd
“You have to race the conditions. I was comfortable in third. I raced the conditions, I took the water on, made myself cool and I was all right.”
Pushing his younger sibling over the line first, Alistair recorded a third-place finish but Jonny’s second place wasn’t enough for him to clinch the title, losing out on the overall crown to Spaniard Mario Mola, who finished fifth in Mexico, by four points.
Jonny collapsed to the floor immediately after crossing the line and required urgent medical attention.
He later tweeted from a hospital bed that he was fine and praised the efforts of the British Triathlon medical team.
South Africa’s Henri Schoeman claimed victory on the day, as Rio 2016 gold medalist Alistair finished the season 10th overall.
It wasn’t the first time the pair had shown brotherly love upon crossing the finishing line, after sharing an emotional embrace while laying exhausted on the floor in Rio.
“It was a natural human reaction to my brother,” Alistair added. “But for anyone I would have done the same thing.”

Walking claims untrue, says lawyer

Michael Schumacher’s lawyer says the former Formula One world champion “cannot stand even with the aid of his special therapists.”

Felix Damm told CNN he spoke in a German court about Schumacher’s health as part of the family’s lawsuit against Die Bunte magazine.
Schumacher suffered severe head injuries in Meribel in the French Alps. He had two brain operations and was placed in a medically-induced coma in hospital in Grenoble, France. He was transferred to hospital in Lausanne and now receives medical care at home in Switzerland.
READ: Rosberg wins in Singapore to lead F1 title race
The Schumacher family is suing Die Bunte, arguing the right to privacy. The verdict is due in October.
Damm told CNN: “I told the court on Friday that the alleged claim that Michael Schumacher can walk again is false and simply not true.
“Michael cannot even stand with the help of his special therapists. I cannot make any other comments about Michael’s health situation.”
Die Bunte said in writing to CNN: “We are not commenting on this.”
Where does Schumacher rank in F1? Have your say on CNN Sport’s Facebook page
Ferrari supporters wish Schumacher well at Monza in 2014.

Schumacher won a record seven Formula One world titles for Benetton and then Ferrari between 1994 and 2004.
He retired for the first time at the end of the 2006 season, but returned to F1 with Mercedes in 2010.
Visit for more F1 news
Schumacher was unable to add to his record 91 race wins in three seasons with the German team, which has dominated the sport in recent years with back-to-back world titles in 2014-15.